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The public sector relies on a framework of Internal Controls to ensure the safe, efficient and modern operation of every aspect of our civil society. In today’s environment of rapid change, technology driven systems and increased scrutiny, the need for air-tight internal controls has never been greater. New approaches to old systems are needed to meet the public’s mounting expectations for efficiency, security and innovation. This conference will examine the most effective strategies for improving service delivery, managing change, mitigating risk, measuring outcomes and fostering innovation through public sector internal controls.

Big Data West 2019
Professional Regulation & Discipline Event

Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association
Rosie Awards Juror 2012, 2013 & 2014

The Gemini Awards in Vancouver BC 2006

Executive Charge of Production for CanWest Broadcasting / Global Television

International Film Preview Committee - Consultant
Vancouver International Film Festival
1996 to present


Vancouver International Film Festival.  This senior programming position was responsible for selecting Canadian films for exhibition in the VIFF and the administration of all aspects of the screening events and guest relations. 2000.

​The discipline of Risk Management is at a crossroads. The stakes have never been higher for those whose job is manage corporate governance, capital assets, information technology, anti-harassment policies, opportunity maximization and innovation to get it right. Get the latest tools, critical updates, advice and case studies on internal and external risk across the Public Sector.

The Forum / Industry Hub of the Vancouver International Film Festival

Creative Director, 2009 - Board of Advisors, 2010 - 2014

VIFF Industry

Canada In A Day

Development & Creative Writer / Digital Producer

Canada is in the midst of an incredible Big Data transformation at all levels of the public sector. Cities, towns, provinces and the federal government are preparing for open data access, transparent collaborations, blockchain / IoT operating systems and new digital service platforms. The goal of today’s digital public service is to improve productivity, increase value, develop new services and improve citizen’s experience while reducing strain on the service providers. Understanding this digital evolution means you are ready for the transformations underway in technology, processes and people.

Regulatory professionals must ensure the competent and ethical behaviour of their membership and governing body. This extends to all aspects of oversight and takes into account behaviour while off-duty or out of the traditional work environment. To project the membership and the public’s interests, rules of governance are constantly being modernized. Delegates attending this event will hear from the industry leading faculty about the latest developments in Professional Regulation and Discipline proceedings.

Manager of Conference Development, Infonex Professional Development

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Moving Pictures: Canadian Films on Tour.  This unique film festival tour promotes and exhibits Canadian cinema to cities across Canada in an annual celebration of Canadian film and film talent, 1997 to 2002.

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